Here you can find all your drumming needs. There are drum kits for the first timers and for the experts. There are single drums to add to your kit along any accessory you may need including sticks, stools or covers. Browse through the site and you will find just what you are looking for. Thank-you for shopping at jsmartmusic88.com.


Pearl Corporation is a wholly owned subsidiary of Pearl Musical Instrument Co. of Yachiyo City, Chiba,Japan. It owns and operates a 140,000 sq. ft. facility in Nashville, Tennessee for management and staff, customer service , inside sales, warehousing and distribution.It also has a distribution facility in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania. PEARL drums are great performing high quality drums used by professional drummers in all types of music. They come in bundles with everything you need to play great music. You can also get single pieces to add to your own set. They come in many colors and are value priced in all price ranges.


The company was founded in 1922 as the Premier Drum Company by London drummer Albert Della Porta and drum builder George Smith in Chipping Campden, Gloucestershire, England . At first, the company produced drum kits for wholesalers, who then would sell them as their own, but Premier soon began producing drums under its own name. The company enjoyed great success during the Beat Boom of the 1960s not only in the UK, but worldwide, and won the Queen's Award to Industry in 1966. During the 1970s, Premier invested heavily in a new, purpose built factory to meet demand for their products, but in 1983, the Della-Porta family resigned from the board and the company's name was changed to Premier Percussion in 1984 following a management buyout. In October 1987, Premier was merged with Yamaha, which owned the Leicester factory until 1992. During this period, Limited was appended to the company name. In 1992, Tony Doughty, who originally arranged the Yamaha merger, took over the company. In February 1995, Premier was sold to the Verity Group of Companies before yet another buyout by a British consortium a few years later. This buy-out went into Administration in 2006 before being bought back by the same management team, and again in 2009. Today, Premier, under the new ownership of British Industrialist Ken Tonkin, continues to produce drum kits, marching percussion, and symphonic percussion (including timpani and mallet percussion)


Mapex Drums is a drum brand manufactured by KHS Musical Instruments Company of Taiwan. Mapex has been in the drum making industry for over 18 years.Mapex produces seven different lines of drums: the introductory Voyager and Horizon series, the intermediate Meridian Birch and Meridian Maple, and the professional level Saturn and Orion. In years past the V and Pro M series were called the Venus and Mars series, in keeping with the tradition of naming the kits after planets. However, the quality of these series have changed since they dropped the old names. For a short time Mapex also offered the "Deep Forest" line of drums, built entirely out of Walnut or Cherry plies, as well as the Aquiles Priester signature drum kit.[1] Mapex is also associated with Falcon pedals, Black Panther snare drums and kits, and Tornado starter kits.


ddrum is a division of Armadillo Enterprises, Inc. that manufactures drums, percussion, and electronic drum triggers. ddrum was originally a brand of Clavia, makers of the Nord series of keyboards and synthesizers. In 2005 ddrum was sold to Armadillo[1] who expanded the brand from only electronic drums into a wider range of products.ddrum is a sister company to Dean guitars and produces drums that fall into one of several series, grouped according to quality and materials used in construction. In addition, ddrum is one of several manufacturers that offers customers the ability to customize their own kit from a number of criteria including shell dimensions, finish, and hardware options in what they call the "USA Custom Shop."


Crush Drums & Percussion is a company created by drummers for drummers. Not only do we constantly look for new ways to innovate and excite through our products, we make a conscious effort to include the needs and thoughts of drummers in every step of development. We have plenty of ideas and always aim to deliver the best sounding and looking drums. But, we do not consider our individual selves as the executive staff to be the only root to the success of our young and budding company. It’s the people in our community, the artists we endorse and the dealers. Everyone’s input and excitement is what makes Crush so strong. We respect the opinions and views of all who care to share. Since our launch in January 2011, Crush has been very fortunate to have been so well received by drummers all over the world, including our ever expanding roster of amazing artists. As we venture through 2013, we are absolutely elated with the progress we have made in such a short time. We are so very grateful for all who fly the Crush flag.


TAMA has been making great selling drum sets for decades. It is one of biggest manufactures drums. From the entry level IMPERIALSTAR to the top end STARCLASSIC BUBINGA to the popular STARCLASSIC and SUPERSTAR, all are good quality and have great sound.They come in bundles with everything you need or single pieces and many high quality accessories.


GRETSCH drums are handcrafted in Ridgeland, South Carolina. Each component is designed for functionality, performance and style. Every drum delivers a professional rock solid performance. It comes in bundles with everything you need or in single pieces to build your own set. All drums and accessories are high quality and value priced.


Every Ludwig USA drum is a custom drum, hand made at their plant in Monroe,N.C.. With decades of experience and over 100 years of drum-making behind them, the Ludwig Monroe teams passion for excellence and attention to detail shines in every drum that leaves the plant. Ludwig is the most famous name on drums.


Sonor was founded in 1875 by Johannes Link in Germany. They are dedicated to making the best sound possible from their drums. Only when sound is becoming a real experience, the Sonor quality standard is met from precision craftmanship is musical expression shaped.


Yamaha Drums have supplied drummers of all skill levels for decades with quality and affordable products, starting with the companies humble beginning in the 1960s to the pinnacle of success represented by Yamaha in the 21st century.


DRUM WORKSHOP, also known as DW DRUMS or simply DW, is a drum and hardware based in Oxnard, California. It was founded in 1972 by Chris Lombardi. Its slogan is "THE DRUMMERS CHOICE".


Pacific Drums and Percussion (or PDP for short) is a subsidiary company under Drum Workshop established in the year 2000 in Santa Monica, California to provide high quality drum equipment to those unable to afford the higher prestige and quality Drum Workshop equipment. PDP also manufactures drum hardware and accessories. Their factory is located at Ensenada, Mexico. The line still uses some custom techniques,but primarily uses computerized machinery to cut costs and reduce steps to create high-quality drums in large quantities.